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A-type Gantry Crane

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A-type Gantry Crane is A-type double girder gantry crane; consists of A-type gantry frame steel structure, trolley, crane traveling mechanism, electrical system and other main components. Outdoor operation gantry crane also equipped with rail clamp, weight restriction device, limit device of each mechanism, as well as various safety devices in accordance with prescribed safety procedures of cranes. Sometimes the crane also equipped with rail clamp device, anchor device, anemometer, corrective devices, etc. as required.
A-type Gantry Crane-double girder gantry crane with hook are used for handling and lifting materials in open storage, stock ground, railway freight station, ports and so on. It can also carry out some special operations by equipped with various special lifting tools.
Its load handling device is hook, grab or electromagnetic chunk (lifting magnet), or simultaneously use with the two or three. There have three forms of gantry frame structure: double cantilever, single cantilever and non-cantilever. When its load handling device is hook, the crane working level is A2 ~ A6, when it is grab or electromagnetic chuck, the crane working level is A4 ~ A7.

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